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Colorado QRP Club
Minutes – Regular Membership Meeting
Mar. 11, 2017
Milestone Technologies
10691 E. Bethany Dr., Suite 800
Aurora, CO 80014

Officers Present: Scott Garcia K0FRP, President; Ed Comfort KC0ZLR, Vice President; Dick Schneider AB0CD, Secretary; Roger Wendell WB0JNR, Treasurer

Total attendees: 15

Meeting called to order by President Scott Garcia 10:35 a.m.


Treasurer’s Report. Roger Wendell WB0JNR. Bank balance, checking & savings: $3,153.83. Roger mentioned approximately $200 raised by Vince Kumagai KIØRB at the February 2017 ARA Swapfest “CQC GARAGE Sale” was included in the balance.

Secretary’s Report. Dick Schneider AB0CD. Minutes were on the website. Reading of the minutes was dispensed with and the minutes were approved.


The Low Down. Dick Schneider AB0CD reported that the new online version using WordPress would be up soon. Dick said he had purchased the domain CQCLOWDOWN.ORG for the club and it was currently hosted by under his website account. General discussion included mentions that the MI QRP Club posted its “newsletter” articles online and free for downloading, linking The Low Down into the club’s social media accounts, using a mailing system such as Mailchimp to keep in touch with members. No action taken.

Field Day. Scott Garcia K0FRP. Pickle gulch off the Peak to Peak Highway was discussed as a possibility. Fishing, gambling, shootouts are nearby. It is a National Forest Service group site and will require a permit. Also discussed was the QTH of club member N0COT near Strasburg. No action taken.

Fox Hunt. Marshall Emm N1FN. Band conditions have been bad, but the popular activity keeps going thanks to enthusiasm of the foxes all over the country. 3 weeks left in the fox hunts. Online results were not yet up to date. No one has anything resembling a perfect score. website was hacked, but has been fixed. Changed passwords. Domain name was made safe through its registrar.


Executive Board Meetings. General discussion concerning using online systems for executive board meetings. Oovoo was mentioned. Roger Wendell mentioned he had access to a conference call system (Zoom) after 7 p.m. No action taken.

CQC Table Hamfests. Vince Kumagai KI0RB reported the CQC Garage Sale did well at the ARA swapfest, much better than last year. He plans to be at the Denver Radio Club swapfest (Jefco Fairgrounds, August) next. He asked members cleaning out their shacks to donate items to the club for sell at the hamfest. He said anything sells, including bits of wire and oddball hardware.

Social Media. Vince Kumagai KI0RB reported he was trying to get more stuff going with Facebook. He said he was posting contest logs there and solicited photographs.


Nominating Committee. President Scott Garcia K0FRP appointed Marshall Emm N1FN to chair the nominating committee for club officers. The general election is to be held at the next meeting, May 13, 2017, the CQC’s annual meeting. While the appointment was sufficient, a motion to do the same was made and seconded. Approved.

Scott Garcia, club president, has acquired the callsign K0FRP, which originally belonged to longtime club member Al Dawkins who is a silent key.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and approved.

Business meeting was adjourned at 11:18 a.m.

Show and Tell

Presentation – Vince Kumagai KI0RB. Ham Gear Restoration 101

Lunch followed the meeting. Panera Bread, Iliff & Peoria in Aurora.

Submitted by: Dick Schneider, AB0CD, CQC Secretary

New Meeting Location

The location for the July 15, 2017, meeting is the Smokey Hill Library, 5430 S Biscay Cir, Centennial, CO 80015.

Future meeting venues will be announced in The Low Down and on the club’s main website:


CQC Top Ten April 2017

The Top Ten … reasons why oldtimer QRPers really miss active sunspot cycles…

10. Working your East Coast buddy on 80 meters using a gold filling in an upper molar.
9. Beating out kilowatters in pile-ups.
8. Working Eastern Europe BEFORE you walk into the shack.
7. Finally – getting some Q’s with that “magic” antenna that never really worked quite right.
6. Worked All States BEFORE the neighbor kid tells you he cut your feedline when he last mowed the lawn.
5. The dog jumps ten feet every time you key the rig.
4. DXCC on 160 meters.
3. You can just lay out your dipoles on the ground.
2. Two words: CLEAN SWEEP

And the Number One reason why oldtimer QRPers really miss active sunspot cycles…

Constantly uttering the phrase on phone, “Honest, I’m only running five watts.”