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Minutes – Regular Membership Meeting
July 15, 2017
Smokey Hill Public Library (Arapahoe Libraries)
5430 S Biscay Cir, Centennial, CO 80015

Officers Present: Ed Comfort KCØZLR, President; Scott Garcia KØFRP, Vice President; Dick Schneider ABØCD, Secretary

Total attendees: 11

Meeting called to order by President Ed Comfort at 10:50 a.m.


Tabled. Treasurer, Roger Wendell WBØJNR was out of the country.


Dick Schneider ABØCD. Reading of the minutes for the May 13, 2017, meeting were dispensed with and approved with no objection.


Fox Hunt. Marshall Emm N1FN reported that the summer 20 meter fox hunt was up and running. He recapped the fox hunt for those unfamiliar with the popular weekly contest. Marshall also introduced his visiting grandson, Robert Lopez.

Field Day. Scott Garcia KØFRP. The casual, Aloha, Field Day site was located at Jim Moravec NØCOT’s ranch east of Strasburg CO. The crew set up Jim’s cellphone on wheels (COW) tower which was used to support wire antennas. Club operated in the 3A Battery class. Pete reported that 20 meters CW sounded pretty good, but signals were blasted away when sideband and digital operations commenced. We may consider band filters in the future. Pictures on the club’s website, About 10 adults and youth operated. For next year, we might consider a more competitive site with a GOTA station for casual operations.


Club Build Project. Discussion lead by Dick Schneider ABØCD. General options included a transceiver kit, a receiver kit, or an accessory kit. Consensus leaned toward a transceiver kit in the $100-$200 price range, with a receiver kit next, then an accessory kit. Scott brought up the notion of two builds, a main project and an accessory. President Ed Comfort appointed Dick, Scott, Pete to pick project and develop a plan for the effort.



A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved at 11:35 a.m.


Informal Show N Tell, focusing on QRP rigs.


Followed the meeting

Submitted by: Dick Schneider, ABØCD, CQC Secretary





Colorado QRP Club
Minutes – Executive Board Meeting
June 15, 2017
Smokey Hill Library, Study Room 3
5430 S Biscay Cir.
Centennial, CO 80015

Board Members Present: Ed Comfort KC0ZLR, President; Dick Schneider AB0CD, Secretary; Roger Wendell WB0JNR, Treasurer (by phone), Marshall Emm N1FN, Club Station Trustee.

Meeting called to order by President Ed Comfort at 7:00 p.m.


FIELD DAY. Location is set for the QTH of Jim Moravec N0COT at his ranch east of Strasburg, CO. Scott Garcia has arranged for one portapottie at a fee of $125, which the club will cover. Roger said he would handle the financial;s on the pottie invoice. Marshall reported that there will be no club provided food, but Jim will have 3 grills available for cooking. We do not know about water availability. Roger said he would look for a site map to post on the club’s website. Ed said he would contact Scott regarding antennas.

ACTION — Board authorized payment for the portpottie.

MEETING LOCATION. Roger said he would contact a new member who had mentioned he had possible meeting space at his place of work, in the northern Denver suburbs.

ACTION — In the meantime, Roger secured the Smokey Hill Library Meeting Room A for the July club meeting. 5430 S Biscay Cir., Centennial, CO 80015

CLUB BUILD PROJECT. Ed said he could like to initiate a club build project. He said he recently saw the presentation for Shel Radin’s (KF0UR) homebrew vertical antenna at the Wyoming Hamvention and suggested it as a possible project. Roger suggested a small transmitter. Dick suggested a receiver. Marshal mentioned several basic regen reciver kits were available.

ACTION – Table until next meeting. Ask for project suggestions from club members via the website and the Low Down.

LOW DOWN SCHEDULE. Ed wondered how the online newsletter would work, whether there would be actual issues or just blog postings. Dick presented the current setup as the latter: articles, news items, photos, etc. Would be posted as they came in. Each posting has tags that automatically sort them into categories which appear in the right column (e.g., operating, antennas, etc.). Members can subscribe to the newsletter, which is in the form of a WordPress blog at, and receive an email each time a new item is posted. Dick plans to explore a more sophisticated template for the future (making it more like a news site), but, for now, the basic blog approach is being implemented. Dick suggested putting a list together of club member email addresses and subscribing them en masse. Members would not be spammed under this approach, Dick said, because each one still must confirm the subscription. Also, Ed wondered about posting old Low Downs online.

ACTION — Dick and Roger (who has the membership database) figure out how to subscribe members en masse. Dick will look into scanning old Low Downs and organizing electronic versions of old Low Downs to post online.

JULY 15 PROGRAM. Ed acquired the powerpoint presentation of a Cheyenne, WY ham on homebrewing at the Wyoming Hamvention. He said he might be able to present the material at the next regular club meeting, or entice the Wyoming ham to come down and do it.

ACTION — Ed will look into arranging one version or another of the homebrewing presentation.

CQC-SPONSORED CONTESTS. Ed wanted to review the contests and discuss ways to make them effective. It was acknowledged that the number of logs submitted was very low and participation was minimal. The club sponsors three contests during the year: the Colorado Gold Rush, a summer 2-hour CW sprint on 20 meters; the Colorado Snow Shoe Run, a winter 2-hour CW sprint on 20 meters; the Colorado Winter QSO Party, a multi-band, multi-mode contest. Roger said he has streamlined the sprint rules to make it “quick, easy, and fun.” He said he cut back the exchange to RST/SPC with 1 point per contact, and 5 points for contacting club stations W0CQC or N0CQC.

ACTION — All board members were charged with coming up with ideas to promote the contests and secure volunteers to operate the two club stations during the sprints.

COMMITTEE STRUCTURE. The board reorganized the club’s committee structure as follows:

Communications Committee
Chair: Vince Kumagai KI0RB
Functions: Manage social media, public relations, and other duties as determined by the Committee Chair, Executive Board, or President

Low Down Editor: Dick Schneider AB0CD
Functions: Manage, write, edit, publish the club newsletter and manage the newsletter website,

Field Day Committee
Chair: Scott Garcia K0FRP
Functions: Manage club field day operations

Contest and Awards Committee
Chair: Jim Pope KG0PP
Functions: Manage club-sponsored operating contests (the Great Colorado Gold Rush sprint, the Colorado Snow Shoe sprint, the Winter Colorado QSO Party) and manage club operating and participation awards.

Fox Hunt Coordinator: Marshall Emm N1FN
Function: Manage the Winter (40/80 meters) and the Summer (20 meters) Fox hunts and special events relating to the Fix Hunts

Elmer Coordinator: Frank Ivan K0FEI
Function: Coordinate Elmer projects such as answering technical questions and arranging for antenna parties

Club Station Trustee: Marshall Emm N1FN
Function: Act as trustee for ARS W0CQC and N0CQC

Webmaster: Roger Wendell W0JNR
Function: Manage the club’s main website,

ACTION — All board members were charged with touching base with the committee chairs to make sure they want the assignments and to solicit committee participation from the membership.


MERCHANDISE & MARKETING. Marshall brought up the possibility of setting uop a Cafe Press account for the club as a vehicle for marketing coffee mugs, shirts, patches, decals, and other logo items. The club would receive a cut of each sale without the need to front a large production run. Marshall also said he would like to see an updated CQC brochure that he would include with each order he send out from Morse Express. Dick mentioned at VE groups often give new licensees or upgraders brochures on various ham radio clubs, so this would be another vehicle for promoting club membership. ACTION — Dick and Marshall would look into Cafe Press as well as an update on the brochure.

CLUB DUES. Marshall brought up the possibility of dropping club membership dues altogether, a common trend among QRP clubs. Currently, the club charges $5 for a lifetime membership. Roger thought it was worth keeping the $5 fee to provide some sort of “value” measurement for club membership. However, he was not opposed to dropping the fee altogether if a majority of the board so desired. Dick explained that in the past almost all the funds raised by membership fees went into publishing and mailing the club’s newsletter, The Low Down. Since the club is trying an online version again, the costs have been drastically reduced (annual domain name and monthly hosting fees only). Marshall said Vince Kumagai raised several hundred dollars annually by selling donated items at select hamfests. Also, Dick suggested keeping a “pickle jar” prominently at all club events — meetings, chat and chews, Field Day, etc. For members to donate to cover expenses. Roger reported that th club has a little over $3,000 in the bank, and that annual operating expenses are now running around $500. No vote was taken on the current $5 lifetime membership fee. ACTION — Further explore dropping the $5 fee, upping pickle jar efforts, increase support for Vince’s hamfest garage sale, and seeing what the Cafe Press initiative might generate.


A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved at 9:00 p.m.

Submitted by: Dick Schneider, AB0CD, CQC Secretary


Minutes – Regular Membership Meeting/Annual Meeting
May 13, 2017
Sheridan Public Library (Arapahoe Libraries)
3425 W Oxford Ave, Denver, CO 80236


Officers Present: Scott Garcia K0FRP, President; Ed Comfort KC0ZLR, Vice President; Dick Schneider AB0CD, Secretary; Roger Wendell WB0JNR, Treasurer

Total attendees: 12

Meeting called to order by President Scott Garcia 10:55 a.m. Colorado QRP Club


Scott Garcia K0FRP. Good and bad moments with bad band conditions. Fox hunts have been challenging this year. Busy year for me. Field Day site has been lined up at Jim Moravec NØCOT’s ranch out near Strasburg CO, somewhat up on a hill, about 50 minutes east of Denver. Thanks to all the officers and folks who helped out the club and donated items for Vince’s hamfest garage sale. Jim Pope KG0PP and Vince Kumagai KI0RB represented the club well at the hamfests. There were several good presentations at CQC meetings during the year, including Vince’s talk on rehabing an old radios. A lot of the info is posted on the website. Dick got the new web based newsletter set up at A grounding presentation we had a while back was very good, more specific than what you find in the handbook.


Roger Wendell WB0JNR. Bank balance: $3,144.88 in checking and savings combined. The balanced has stabilized somewhat since the club is not spending money on postage and printing for the Low Down paper version. Treasurer’s report accepted with no objections. There ensured a discussion on raising money for the club. Now action taken.


Dick Schneider AB0CD. Reading of the minutes for the March 11, 2017, meeting were dispensed with and approved with no objection.


The regular meeting was adjourned temporarily by acclamation.


Minutes – Annual Membership Meeting & Elections

May 13, 2017
Sheridan Public Library (Arapahoe Libraries)
3425 W Oxford Ave, Denver, CO 80236

The Annual CQC Meeting called to order by Marshall Emm N1FN at 11:20 a.m.

Marshall Emm, as chairman of the Nominating Committee, officially declared that all offices of the Colorado QRP Club are vacant.

Marshall then presented one slate of candidates for officers during the next year. These were:

Ed Comfort KC0ZLR, President; Scott Garcia K0FRP, Vice President; Dick Schneider AB0CD, Secretary; Roger Wendell WB0JNR, Treasurer

Marshall called for nominations from the floor. None were offered.

Marshall called for the question and the new officers were elected by acclamation.


A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved at 11:30 a.m.



The regular meeting was reconvened by the new president Ed Comfort KC0ZLR at 11:301 a.m.




Meeting Space. Roger Wendell is looking for a permanent meeting space. In the meantime, the club will meet at available libraries in the metro area, locations to be announced.

Build Project. Ed Comfort said he would like to see the development of a club build project in the future and asked members for ideas. To be discussed at next Executive Board meeting.


Fox Hunt. Marshall Emm N1FN. Thanked all for participation in the winter fox hunts. 80 still outperformed 40 meters. Started request for summer 20 meter. Needs 10 foxes. The summer foxhunts will begin after Field Day and run for 10 weeks.

Field Day. Scott Garcia K0FRP. Field Day site has been lined up at Jim Moravec NØCOT’s ranch east of Strasburg CO. Operating class as yet not determined. It will probably be an Aloha (casual) site. Possible Get On The Air station. Anyone can come out to operate, licensed or unlicensed.

The Low down. Dick Schneider AB0CD. Brief report. Website is up. Articles and news will be posted later in the summer. More thoughts to be developed on content, notifications, etc. However, Dick noted anyone can subscribe to the site and receive in their email any new item posted.


A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved at 11:50 a.m.


Shel Radin KF0UR. National Parks On The Air.


Followed the meeting

Submitted by: Dick Schneider, AB0CD, CQC Secretary