CQC BUILDAPALOOZA building session Thursday evening Jan. 18 – Be there!

Colorado QRP Club BUILDAPALOOZA participants will be meeting Thursday, Jan. 18, at 6:00 p.m. at the QTH of club member Bob Carver, 4097 S Logan St., Englewood CO, to work on the projects, ask questions, get construction tips, and generally talk smart.

Unbuilt Transceiver Kit

Unbuilt Kit – Ready to go!

All are welcome: club members and non members. Bring your BUILDAPALOOZA projects, questions, and ideas. They do not have to be completed, or even started.

BUILDAPALOOZA participants are at various stages in their amateur radio building projects – completed, mid-way, and shipping package still unopened.

The club’s BUILDAPALOOZA project runs through the end of March 2018. Participants will be eligible for prizes, which will be announced in the near future.

The project is designed to encourage hams to build something for their ham shack – a transceiver, transmitter, receiver, or shack accessory.

Please join us Thursday evening. We will be meeting in Bob’s woodworking shop at his home QTH. At that time, we will discuss future gatherings to work together on projects.


Recommended Buildapalooza Transceiver Kit: OHR100A from Oak Hills Research


Recommended Buildapalooza Transceiver Kit: PFR-3B from QRPKITS.com