Minutes – Regular Membership Meeting
November 18, 2017
Koelbel Public Library (Arapahoe Libraries)
5955 S Holly St, Centennial, CO 80121

Officers Present: Ed Comfort KCØZLR, President; Scott Garcia KØFRP, Vice President; Dick Schneider ABØCD, Secretary; Roger Wendell WBØJNR, Treasurer

Total attendees: 11

Meeting called to order by President Ed Comfort at 10:30 a.m.


Treasurer, Roger Wendell WBØJNR said he did not have a precise financial print out, but said the club’s combined checking and savings account balances totaled approximately $2,600, which is down slightly from the historical balance, due mainly to a change in the club’s dues structure from $10 per year to $5 for life. He said he planned to email a precise Treasurer’s report to club officers.


Secretary, Dick Schneider ABØCD, reported that the previous meeting was the club annual picnic at the Genesee Mountain Park. No business was conducted. Attendance was sparse, but consisted of a small group of hard core club stalwarts, two of whom had arrived early to hike to the top of Genesee “Mountain” – a SOTA peak – to put it on the air before picnic festivities began. Weather was cool and we experienced a bit of rain, but a goodly quantity of both meated and unmeated hot dogs were grilled and packed away into empty bellies. The horseshoe tournament was postponed.


Fox Hunt. Marshall Emm N1FN reported that the winter 40/80 meter fox hunts on Tuesday and Thursday evenings were underway. Too bad the bands were not cooperating. He said the foxes and hounds would take a break during Thanksgiving week. We are anxiously awaiting the season’s first complaint about the savage nature of fox hunts.

Field Day. Scott Garcia KØFRP. No extensive discussion. However, there appeared to be a consensus that the club would return to member Jim Moravec NØCOT’s spread out near Strasburg east of the Queen City of the Plains for the 2018 event. Final plans are still to be determined.

Buildapalooza. Dick Schneider ABØCD. Dick reported that the Buildapalooza was underway and a number of club members have signed up and reported what they planned to work on over the 2017-2018 building season. He said he took 25 Buildapalooza flyers to the 285 Tech Connect Radio Club’s 2017 Techfest, where he presented the club’s QRP 101 basic course module, and all but two were taken by attendees. He said updates would be posted on the club’s Elektrik newsletter, The Low Down (cqclowdown.org; PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!), and the club’s website (coloradoqrpclub.org).

The Low Down. Dick Schneider ABØCD, editor. Dick recommended that members subscribe to The Low Down, which is located online at cqclowdown.org. That way new postings will be emailed to subscribers. He also solicited articles and announcements for the newsletter. The Low Down is now in the form of a WordPress Blog/Website and is no longer being sent out via snailmail in an analog form factor. The current rendition of the newsletter is manufactured exclusively from recycled electrons and light emissions on computer screens, so no trees or Japanese pine beetles are ever harmed in its publication. Individual members, however, can print out articles from The Low Down. We recommend using printers that utilize recycled paper made from old pop bottles and toner or ink fashioned from discarded soft drinks at Broncos and Rockies games.


Colorado Repeater Association repeaters. Ed Comfort KCØZLR reporters that the CRA had completed is relocation of the 147.225 repeater, further south than its older location, and that it was once again available for the club’s weekly 2-meter net on Monday evenings at 8:00 p.m. MST. However, several members said the temporary CRA repeater, 145.460 worked better than the new 147.225 repeater. It was agreed to keep the net on the 145.460 repeater until further notice. That repeater is linked to the 147.225 machine, as well as several others, so some of the members south of the metro area might be better off using the 147.225 repeater for the net.


Colorado Repeater Association membership. The issue arose regarding CQC membership in the CRA, since it has used its repeaters for nets for many years. While individual CRA membership has always been promoted by the club, club treasurer Roger Wendell WBØJNR raised the question: should CQC officially join the CRA? Club officers agreed it would be a good idea and authorized Roger to make arrangements to join CRA.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved at 11:00 a.m.


James Kretzschmar AE7AX from Cheyenne, Wyoming, presented an informative educational module on getting started in homebrew construction. The presentation featured his recently built homebrew 40-meter CW transceiver and homebrew test equipment. The 10-watt transmitter section uses six switched crystals for frequency control. The seven-transistor direct conversion receiver utilizes three of the semi-conductors for the mixer/detector, two for the oscillator, and two for the audio amplifier. The presentation covered schematics for the rig, construction techniques, where to find parts, and the joy of homebrewing.


QRP hams are always hungry, so members trekked over to Panera Bread on the other side of Holly Street for chow and the swapping of more exaggerated stories.

Submitted by: Dick Schneider, ABØCD, CQC Secretary