THE LOW DOWN PUBLISHES ARTICLES from the QRP and AMATEUR RADIO communities about low power operations: 5 Watts or less on CW, AM, and Digital modes, and 10 Watts Peak to Peak on Single Side Band. Authors do not need to be members of the Colorado QRP Club to submit articles. The Colorado QRP Club does not pay for website content.

HOW TO BEGIN. Send a photo of your QRP shack, a QRP rig set up in the field, or a nice shot of your favorite QRP radio. That’s a good start.

RIGHTS. Authors retain full copyright in their work. By submitting an article, photograph, or drawing to The Low Down, the author grants the Colorado QRP Club Inc. the nonexclusive right to publish it on its newsletter website for an indefinite period; the author also grants the Colorado QRP Club Inc. the right to republish the article in any electronic or print format, but only in an anthology or compilation that may or may not be sold; revenue from such anthology or compilation reprints will benefit only the Colorado QRP Club Inc., a Colorado nonprofit corporation.

SUBMISSIONS. Submit articles, drawings, and photos by email to LOWDOWN@COLORADOQRPCLUB.ORG.

The Low Down reserves the right to edit any submission.

ARTICLE FORMAT. DOC or DOCX. Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, or WordPerfect can create these files.

IMAGE FORMAT. JPG. 2000 px on the longest side. 72dpi.

NO EXCEPTIONS. We will edit your prose to a limited degree, but do not want to convert your files. Contact us if you have issues with this policy, or, better still, check in with your kid or grandkid to do the conversion for you. 😉