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The AZ Connection

by Dick Schneider AB0CD

[NOTE: This article is under repair. Via the oddities of the InterWEB an entire chuck in the middle has completely vanished! It will soon be fixed and play can resume — ed. 07/16/17]

During a recent trip to visit my oldest son, Kevin, and his family in Scottsdale, AZ, (and assist in a few home improvement projects!), I packed up a respectable field station and buried it in my single checked travel bag. I figured I had better start working my portable ham radio chops again, since I knew I would be drifting down to Arizona when the chill winds roar up here in Aworked stations on both coasts and a few back into Colorado and locales in the Midwest. It was great fun.

The station is rounded out with a Case Logic station bag, Palm paddle, earbuds, a compact logbook and, of course, an analog pencil.

In the evenings, after the hot sun vanished, Kevin, his family, and I used my Yeasu FT-60R to chat with son Trygve KB0WNZ back in Denver via IRLP.

With the panoply of flat trail/travel ready rigs available, a Buddipole and a little gumption is all you need these days to take the great hobby on Earth with you wherever you go.


The painter’s pole and nylon cord were left behind in Kevin’s storage shed for future visits. The Buddipole has since been sold. I do that. A lot. However, I like to make antennas, and I am building a pair of Buddipoles using the original homebrew designs by Buddipole inventor Budd Drummond W3FF. No scorpions were harmed in the making of this article.


Dick Schneider AB0CD is the current secretary and former president of the Colorado QRP Club. He spends his non-hamming hours with family, staring at trees, tutoring college students in writing, and writing mystery novels under his bigly name, Richard J. Schneider.

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